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Crash course to inbound marketing

Laura Santala

I had the honour of organizing an inbound marketing training with my Agile Search colleagues Sofia Pohls and Emina Elezovic for Howtomo at the BoConcept store on 12th of June. We have been working with inbound marketing for a couple of years now and held a ”Crash Course in Inbound Marketing”, aiming to discuss how to attract the attention of your target audience by offering them helpful and meaningful content, instead of aggressively advertising your solutions.

We started off with the theory behind inbound methodology and also gave an insight into what we have done with inbound marketing at Agile Search so far. However, the main focus on this session were a series of little practical tasks – we wanted everyone to build their own base for an inbound marketing strategy during the training, that they could use in the future. After introducing different aspects to consider with inbound shortly, we asked each attendant to answer a task related to it and then discuss in groups their thoughts related to it.

Here are 5 points that raised most discussion during the training:  

1.    Value proposition statements are often forgotten and overlooked but actually, they hold a lot of important information that you really should revise every now and then, especially if working with marketing.

2.    Pro tip for creating target personas: Interview 3-10 clients/leads/other stakeholders and see what they have in common

3.    When starting with inbound and selecting the right channels, choose the best one for your buyer persona, nail that, and then pick a couple more. Inbound is all about quality.

4.    When you have that amazing content and a selection of channels to distribute it in, do not share that exact thing in every single channel – modify it to fit the style of the channel.

5.    You need to make sure to nurture the potential leads in your buyer’s journey. Make sure you have good CTA’s and useful content for them – if they want to follow you, ensure they can do so in the simplest way possible.

In the end, we gathered key learnings from each group – most of them actually related to these points above. Hosting this training was a great experience for us - the conversations continued after the official training and we also got to leave home feeling we learnt something new.

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